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What is this Portion of the site for?


  • Assist merchants create, and understand PayPal buttons
  • Provide information on what PayPal's free services can, and cannot do
  • Provide examples and code examples that function properly
  • Educate merchants on how additional features may assist them
  • Provide basic HTML assistance
  • Show merchants how to add additional options such as size, color, etc to their buttons so that they may collect additional information from their customers
  • Provide helpful links that may assist merchants in finding an alternate solution


PayPal understands that there are many different types of transactions, and functions that PayPal customers require to run their business smoothly. Because of this, PayPal offers a variety of button options.
  • Shopping Cart - PayPal's shopping cart offers a shopping cart that is simple to create, use, and offers customers the ability to add multiple products into the cart before making their final purchase.
  • Buy Now - PayPal's Buy Now Buttons are oriented toward sellers who only have one item to sell, or only wish to allow customers to purchase one type of item at a time. This can be used for things such as tickets, eBooks, and a large variety of other products.
  • Subscriptions - PayPal's Subscription and Reoccurring Payment Buttons are oriented toward sellers who wish to allow their customers to automatically charge a certain amount, for a certain time period, without bothering the customer to initiate each payment.
  • Donations - This button is generally geared toward non-profit organizations that wish to collect funds for a certain cause, issue, or function. It works similar to the Buy Now Button, but displays a donation text on PayPal button graphics instead of Buy Now.
All of PayPal button code is provided in HTML format. The only exception is PayPal links for emails, which are simply links that act as buttons. (without the graphic). They are available for PayPal Buy Now, Donation, and Subscription buttons, and only when you select no to encryption.

** The code we provide for buttons should always be placed in the HTML portion of your website. If you can see graphics, you are not in the HTML portion. The HTML portion should only have coding. If you do not know what HTML is or how to get to it within your editor you may wish to consult your manual, web designer, or even contact your web design program company. Any of these things should tell you how to get to the HTML portion of your website. With a web designer you most likely will not need to know how to get to it as they will be doing all the backend coding for you. If you do not know what HTML is you may wish to do an Internet search for HTML faqs. There are some great tutorials and explanations out there. Most web pages are built completely out of HTML, and knowing something about it is really suggested if you are going to be designing your own site.**

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