Azar Moon

Taurus April 21 - May 21

Origin: The Egyptian Horus was the bull of the heaven, and a white bull was sacrificed in Babylonia at the New year to Placate Ramman, the god of thunder and lightning.


Keywords: Possessive, Permanent Flowers/Trees: Rose, Poppy, Columbine, Foxglove, Primula, Daisy, Violet/Ash, Cypress, Vine, Apple, Pear.
Herbs and Spices: Clove, Sorrel, Spearmint Area of Body: Throat, Neck, thyroid Gland
Gemstone: Emerald Color: Pink
Ruling Planet: Venus Element: Earth
Animals: Cattle Love Signs: Libra, Scorpio and Capricorn

Reliable is the essential characteristic of a Taurean - but if he or she is to function satisfactorily, it must be against a stable and secure background, for emotional and material security if of prime improtance. These people have a great deal of common sense but can lack flexibility, and must realize that even wel thought out decisions should sometimes be changed. Taureans often surround themselves with possessions as an outward sign of achievements, and to convince them of their progress and position in society.

Taurus is an earth sign. Earth is of course the Third planet from the sun in the solar system, the planet which mankind lives on. Earth is a highly stable element and resistanct to change. The element Earth Mixes wwell with two other elements, air and water, to make good soil grow plants. In fact, given the proper drainage conditions, large qualities of both air and water mixed with earth are essential for all plant life. Earth does not work well with Fire.

Taurus is a fixed sign, when dealing with the sign on a quality basis. Fixed-sign People are not easily dislodged. They have a sense of their space and know what is theirs. They are self-assured, fixed-sign people resist those who seek to dominate them, and so they can be rebellious when thrust in a subordinate role. Basically, they ask to be left alone, though they are also capable of influencing and even Dominating others. Fixed signs are at there worst when they are emotionally unstable. Fixed signs also represent the season at its height.

Taurus is ruled by the planet venus, the legendary beauty who inherited the attributes of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. She was Idea, familial and sexual. In the grounds of her temples were groves in which her worshippers could make love. In astrology, the planet associated with Taurus and Libra, is also concerned with love and personal relationships, and with the feminine side of the subject's nature. Venus encourages gentleness, friendliness, tact and the socail graces- but under stress can make one indecicive, careless, overly romantic and dependent on others. Venus rules ovr Valuse and sense of appreciation; it decribes how we love and what we want to be loved for. It is the key to relationships, pleasure, art and beauty.

Notable people born under this sign are William Shakespeare, Shirley MacLaine, Fred Astaire, and Jack Nicholson.