Azar Moon

Scorpio October 24 - November 22

Origin: there is a Scorpion man in the Bablonian epic of Gilgimeash(2000 B.C.); the symbol appears in Mesopotamia, and 1000 years later, in Egypt; but the orign is unknown.


Keywords: Intense, Passionate, Jealous Flowers/Trees: Rhododendron, Geranium/Blackthorn, and bushy trees
Herbs and Spices: Aloes, Withchazel, Cat mint Area of Body: Sexual Organs
Gemstone: Opal Color: Dark Red, Maroon
Ruling Planet: Pluto(Anciently, Mars) Element: Water
Animals: Most insects Love Signs: Capricorn, Leo and Pisces

the chhief Characteristic of a sun sign Scorpio is a remarkable reserve of energy. It is said that this is the "worst" of the sun signs. Of course, this isn't true: the sign's energies are so strong they can seem overpowering, even inhibiting; the Scorpio can feel driven by them. But if they are fully and positively expressed, both physically and emotionally, the individual will be a big achiever. However, if the energy flow is inhibited or controled, it can be disastrous, with typical resentfulness, jealously and broodiness.

Scorpio is a Fixed water sing. Scorpio is ruled by the planets Pluto and Mars(mentiond under Aries). Pluto, yet another of the agricultural gods, ruled over the underworld, no Creature was ever known tohave escaped transportation to his land of death, beyond the river Styx. The planet Pluto is considered to represent buried emotions, while encouraging subjects to overcome obstacles; it can also tend to make them critical.

Scorpio is known for bing ambitious when reaching for goals as well as intense and secretive. Notable people born under this sign include Pablo Picasso, Whoopi Goldberg, Theodore Roosevelt, and Hilary Rodham Clinton.